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5 Benefits of Oracle HCM 24B Release

In the fast-paced corporate landscape today, organizations are constantly looking at ways to become more efficient, streamline procedures and remain creative. Oracle HCM Cloud provides a complete suite of apps that can adjust to the medium and large business-specific requirements of rapid growth. Oracle HCM 24B release features dozens of new improvements that will change labor management as we know it. In this post, we will closely look at these five essential benefits that organizations can gain with the Oracle HCM 24B release.

1. Streamlined Global Human Resources

Oracle’s Global Human Resources module has been improved with the 24B version, giving organizations a more effective and user-friendly experience. One noteworthy improvement is the ability to generate new surveys using an easy-to-use interface, which enables managers to quickly and easily obtain insightful input from their staff. Employees can now sign documents in person instead of using an electronic signature, which streamlines procedures and encourages a paperless workplace.

2. Redwood Experience Enhancements

With the 24B release, Oracle’s Redwood experience, renowned for its cutting-edge and user-friendly design, gains a substantial boost. In order to maintain correct and current personnel data, users can now easily change payroll information throughout the Change Location and Change Working Hours procedures. Additionally, managers may now view assignment flex field data on the improved Employment Info page, which empowers them to make well-informed decisions based on thorough personnel data.

3. Empowered Core HR Features

Oracle’s Core HR capabilities have been improved with the 24B version, which streamlines important procedures and boosts productivity. The capacity to automatically mass assign or deactivate representatives’ areas of responsibility (AOR) in accordance with preset criteria is a noteworthy improvement that minimizes errors and manual labor. Furthermore, the manager’s team is now automatically assigned to the parent role when new positions are created, making the process easier to understand and faster.

4. Elevated Learning and Development

With the 24B version, Oracle’s Learning module receives major changes that enable organizations to promote a continuous learning and development culture. In order to ensure a thorough record of their professional development, learners can now easily add relevant skills and certificates from learning outcomes to their talent profiles. Additionally, managers have more freedom in allocating learning resources to their teams, which encourages a more customized and focused approach to talent development.

5. Improved Absence Management and Payroll Capabilities

Oracle’s Absence Management and Payroll modules have a number of improvements with the 24B release, guaranteeing precise and effective operations. Admins may now set up which absence kinds appear on the bid entry and absence entry pages, making the process easier for staff members. Data administration and analysis are also made easier with the export of absence data to Excel spreadsheets. The 24B edition brings continuous background activities to payroll, minimizing disturbances and guaranteeing real-time updates.


With Oracle’s HCM 24B version, organizations will be able to optimize their workforce management strategies thanks to a plethora of new features and advancements. The managed Oracle Cloud quarterly certification from Opkey facilitates an easy transition for organizations to the Oracle HCM Cloud 24B update. Opkey, a leading Oracle testing platform, is now a certified partner of Oracle. It comes with more than 7,000 pre-built test scripts to speed up the testing process. While Impact Analysis reports identify areas requiring evaluation by comparing processes before and after the update, their detailed advisory document outlines anticipated changes. 

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