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AARP Games Everything you need to know

Games have become an essential part of our lives these days. If you ever visit an online gaming website to play games, you will see many games there that look exciting and beneficial. So, in this article, we will see the popular online gaming platform “AARP Games.” How it is popular, how to play games on it, how it benefits us, how many games there are, and which are the most popular games on AARP games.

What are AARP games?

AARP Games is a website offering enjoyable games created by AARP since 2006, primarily designed for individuals aged 50 and above, providing a diverse selection of card games, puzzles, word games, and more aimed at promoting fun, mental engagement, and social interaction.

The AARP games can increase your brain’s abilities and thinking power and are specially made to focus on human entertainment and engagement. These games are suitable for 50 age people, no matter their gender.

Features Of AARP Games

Some features I have Seen in AARP Games when I use it are below:

Game categories

AARP Games has many categories to suit different player preferences. You can play card games, table games, puzzles, strategy games, and brain-training games. These options keep you entertained and sharp.          

User-Friendly Interface

AARP Games are designed in such a friendly way that they become more easily accessible for those who are older or uneducated and may not have any technical skills.

His gaming website interface makes it easier to understand and use.

Social Interaction and Multiplayer

AARP Games enables to play games with worldwide players from other regions like the Middle East, Europe, and India. It increases the social interaction between players and allows us to meet new people and make friendly relationships with other country people.

Multiplayer games are more exciting and popular than offline single-mode games. So that’s why people would like to join AARP Games to play multiplayer games.

Progress Tracking and Achievements

AARP Games offers some progress tracking and achievement tools to keep players motivated and engaged, allowing them to monitor scores, completion rates, and challenges for improvement.

Benefits of AARP Games

These are some benefits I saw when you use AARP game or any other platform:

Mental Growth

Playing games that need thinking, solving problems, remembering things, and making quick choices can improve your brain’s work. AARP Games lets seniors do this and stay sharp.

Emotional Wellness

Games target our emotions and feelings during play. That’s why AARP games enhance seniors by evoking joy, excitement, and satisfaction through enjoyable gameplay.

Health Benefits

Research shows that keeping your mind active, like playing games and sports, can lower the risk of losing mental abilities and improve our overall mental health; seniors can make their daily routines more fun and stimulating with AARP Games.

How to access AARP Games?

The process of accessing AARP games is simple, and if you want to access them, follow the following steps:

  • 📝 Set up your AARP account if you have one. Membership is available for individuals over the age of 50. 
  • 🔐 Log into your AARP account and navigate to the Games section.
  • 🎯 Explore the games available, select your favorite, and start playing.

How you can set up an AARP account if you’re over 50?

Setting up an AARP account when you’re over 50 is straightforward. Follow these easy steps:

  • 🌐 Go to the AARP website: Open your internet browser and visit the AARP website at
  • 📝 Click on “Join AARP”: Look for the “Join AARP” or “Become a member” button on the website’s homepage and click on it.
  • 📄 Fill out the form: Provide basic information, including your name, address, date of birth, and contact details.
  • 🤝 Choose your membership type: Select from various membership options, such as individual or family.
  • 💳 Payment: Securely pay the affordable membership fee by following the instructions.
  • 🔐 Create a username and password: Set up login credentials for accessing your AARP account online.
  • ✔️ Review and confirm: Double-check the entered information for accuracy and verify your membership.
  • 🚀 Access your account: Log in to your AARP account using your username and password after payment processing.

The Cost to Join AARP Games

These are some membership plans if you want to join AARP Games:

  These are some membership plans if you want join AARP Games:

Membership TermCost per YearTotal CostAutomatic Renewal Discount (First Year)Second Membership IncludedAdditional Details
1 Year$16 $16 $12 Yesmembership includes Access to AARP games
Free second membership for a household adult.
3 Years$14.33 (approx)$43 N/AYesMembership includes access to AARP games.
Free second membership for a household adult.
5 Years$12.60 (approx)$63 N/AYesMembership includes access to AARP games.
Free second membership for a household adult.

Top 12 Best AARP Games

These are some of the 12 Best AARP Games You should play:


The objective of Hearts is to avoid collecting hearts and the Queen of Spades, aiming to have the lowest score by the end of the game. For AARP members, Hearts is an excellent game choice as it requires strategic thinking, memory skills, and adaptability, making it an effective way to keep the mind sharp and engaged.


Chess is a great way to challenge your mind and have fun. AARP Chess lets you play against a computer with eight different difficulty levels. You can play against the computer even when alone. You can enjoy chess on your mobile device, making it portable. A key benefit is the opportunity to improve your chess skills.


Crossword variants in AARP games offer a fun way to enhance vocabulary and memory. Playing improves spelling abilities while being exposed to new words. Like chess, no additional equipment is needed—just your favorite digital device.


Mahjong is a renowned tile-matching game offered by AARP Games. Variants like Mahjong Trails, Mahjong Quest, and Solitaire Mahjong are also available. Players have the option to play for free or use real money. Diverse game options include real-time multiplayer competition.


You can enjoy the timeless board game AARP Games with loved ones and friends for fun and exercise. Checkers, one of the oldest board games, has a rich history dating back to Roman times and gained popularity among Civil War soldiers in the United States.

Checkers games are designed to entertain younger players, requiring only a playing area and a few checkers pieces due to their straightforward and easy-to-understand rules.

8 Ball Pool

8-Ball Pool, a beloved game million enjoy worldwide, is now available on AARP games. Its appeal lies in its simplicity, making it enjoyable and easy to learn.8 Ball Pool is a popular game in pubs and bars in numerous countries.

Daily Crossword

Crossword AARP Games is an online puzzle game that offers challenging puzzles to its users, making it an excellent way to keep your brain active and entertained.

It’s a convenient pastime for those who are waiting in line at the supermarket or sitting at the bus or train station

Board Game

AARP offers a variety of free online board games that can benefit individuals with mild dementia, as research suggests playing board games can help improve cognitive function.

Classic Solitaire

Classic Solitaire is a free-to-play card game available on AARP games, offering precisely what you’d expect from the classic game.

Arcade Games

Arcade AARP Games offers a user-friendly platform to discover and play your favorite games online, with features for easy game search and a wide selection of popular games.


Atari AARP Games offers a variety of enjoyable games for players of all ages, focusing on those over 50 to promote active engagement and community involvement.

Staying Sharp

As well as a pleasant way to stay sharp, Keeping Sharp can be a fantastic opportunity for meeting new friends. The computer, as well as other players, are there to play. It is simple to choose the game appropriate to your level of aptitude, as you can select the difficulty level of the amusement.


AARP Games offers diverse free online games to keep your mind active and entertained. Juegos is another excellent option for staying engaged and connecting with peers.

Alternatives to AARP Games

These are top 5 best Alternatives of AARP Games:

Boatload Puzzles

Boatload Puzzles is a fantastic online platform for puzzle enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of crossword and Sudoku puzzles akin to those found on AARP Games.

Check site

USA Today Games

If you’re seeking free online games and puzzles, is an excellent option, offering crosswords, Sudoku, and more, similar to AARP Games.

Check site


JigZone specializes in jigsaw puzzles, offering a wide variety of images and difficulty levels for a visually, engaging and relaxing gaming experience for its users.

Check site

The Jigsaw Puzzles

 The Jigsaw Puzzles is a platform dedicated to jigsaw puzzles. It offers a selection of puzzles with various difficulty levels. This is Similar to AARP Games because it provides a range of puzzles to cater to different preferences and skill levels.

Check site


Tetris is a timeless classic in block-matching games, available on various platforms, offering addictive gameplay for fast-paced, reflex-based gaming.

Check site


Free for AARP Members:

  • AARP Games are free to play for AARP members.

Membership Fees:

  • However, keep in mind that AARP membership may involve dues or fees.

AARP Games are compatible with tablets and smartphones. You can play them on your smartphone through the AARP website or use specific mobile apps for some games.

AARP membership is open to those aged 50 and older but is not exclusive to this age group. Members receive discounts and benefits, though joining before 50 may limit some advantages and vendor discounts.

Yes, it is secure and safe because it belongs to a trusted community.

🎮 AARP offers a website and mobile apps with a variety of games and puzzles, including Mahjongg, Sudoku, Crossword Puzzles, Solitaire, and Word games.

These are two AARP Game Apps:

AARP Now App:

The AARP Now app, available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, not only offers access to your AARP membership information but also includes a selection of games.

AARP Now App:

AARP offers the AARP Staying Sharp app on the Apple App Store, focusing on brain health, providing expert advice, and potentially including brain-training games.


If you want to make yourself busy and not feel bored, then AARP Games is the best website for you. AARP is specially made for retired older adults at least 50 and above.

As you can see, AARP Stands for “The American Association of Retired Persons.” But these games are also students and adults who can also play.


We are not promoting AARP Games. This article is just for informational purposes, and this article is all about AARP games, including games, benefits, Use, Plans, and FAQS. So I hope you enjoy this article and subscribe our blog for updates.

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