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Sustainable Structures: Innovations in Green Construction

Knowing where to start with making an industry more sustainable can be difficult for many reasons, but a chief reason among those might be the prospect of overhauling the way you do most things so that you can find more sustainable alternatives. 

In some industries, where digital options are more feasible as a complete alternative, this might not be as true. However, when you get to construction, the idea of going green might require some creative thinking.

Fortunately, you won’t be the only one who’s been thinking about it, and this means that there are many different innovations just waiting for you to explore and possibly even apply to your own business.


Being as efficient as you possibly can be with your materials likely isn’t a new idea to those working in construction, but the kinds of tools that can truly help you to maximize their usage might be. 

Concrete recycling might be among the most efficient methods that you could deploy here due to the sheer versatility of it as a material. With screening tools, you can not only crush larger portions of concrete into the size that you need them to be, but you can then have that same machine separate the resulting debris into different sizes, drastically improving the efficiency of your working area while also encouraging reusability.

Solar Panels as a Structure

This isn’t not the only way that reusability plays a role, however. Reusable energy sources are often talked about as being a necessary shift away from fossil fuels, and they’ve started to be installed all around the world. While fossil fuels are still relied on heavily, especially in the US, it might still be surprising to look at the statistics for renewable energy to see how far renewable energy has come.

One example of reusables that many people might be more familiar with could come in the form of solar energy, which is usually retrieved through the easily recognizable solar panel. Integrating this form of energy retrieval into the structure you’re building should help to make better use of this energy.

Energy Efficiency

You should shift your perspective for a moment to those who might soon be living or working in the building that you’re constructing. Energy efficiency is something that people are concerned about on a personal level because it often provides them with ways to save money, making what they do spend on energy go further. Insulation is a prime example of this, such as properly layered windows, and it could be something that you take into account. 

However, it’s not just about the doors and windows, which are the typical areas where you might expect heat to escape. It’s also about how you insulate the walls. It might even have you looking away from the building itself—how close is it to public transport links? Is it maximizing the use of pre-existing structures? There’s always the temptation to go big, but being efficient with space can make a great deal of difference to how efficient a building is in terms of energy usage.

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