how to provide excellent customer service

How to Provide Excellent Customer Service: 10 Proven Tips

Interested in mastering how to provide excellent customer service? Look no further!

Many companies want to do well in business. They need to make their customers happy. 

How can they do that? 

They need to give excellent customer service. This means they do more than what customers expect. They make customers feel valued and appreciated.

Excellent customer service is when you make friends with your customers. You know what they like and what they don’t like. Help them quickly when they have a problem. You listen to them carefully and show that you care. You meet their needs and desires.

The provision of excellent customer service is of paramount importance. 

Research shows 93% of customers will buy more from excellent customer service companies. 78% of customers will also forgive companies that make mistakes if their customer service is excellent.

Moreover, the impact of good customer service extends beyond immediate sales. 

By increasing customer retention rates by just 5%, companies can significantly boost profits from 25% to 95%. This underscores the long-term value of prioritizing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This article will teach us how to provide excellent customer service with 10 proven tips. 

The following recommendations will assist you in establishing solid relationships with your clients, resulting in their loyalty and enhancing your brand’s image.

Let’s start and learn how you can be better at customer service.

How to Provide Excellent Customer Service

10 tips how to provide excellent customer service
10 tips how to provide excellent customer service

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is imperative in today’s fiercely competitive business landscape. Customers crave personalized interactions, meaningful connections, and remarkable service that sets your brand apart. 

So, let’s dive in and discover how to turn your customers into lifelong brand advocates with ten proven tips!

Answer Quickly

Customers want you to reply fast when they talk to you. 60% of customers like you to respond to their email in one day. 40% of customers like you to respond in one hour. To answer quickly, you should:

  • Tell customers how long they have to wait for your reply.
  • Use different ways to talk to customers, like phone, email, or chat.
  • Use tools to track what customers ask you and what is essential.

Be Nice and Helpful

You want your business to be friendly to customers. Customers like it when you are nice to them. They will buy more things from you if you are nice. 

A study by McKinsey & Company1 says this is true for 70% of customers. So it would be best to be kind and friendly when talking to customers. You should do this even if they are angry or unhappy. To be pleasant and helpful, you should:

  • Use a warm and happy voice.
  • Smile, even if the customer can’t see you.
  • Be calm and understanding, even if the customer is angry or sad.

You are passionate about providing a positive customer experience. Here are 10 ways to do that. I will also tell you some facts that show why these ways are good.

Listen Well

Customers want you to hear and understand them when they tell you their problems or worries. 80% of customers are likelier to repeat purchases if they feel heard and understood. To listen well, you should:

  • Take time to know what the customer’s problem is.
  • Ask questions to make sure you see the problem.
  • Don’t talk when the customer is talking.

Be Ready

Customers want you to care about what they need and want before they ask you. 90% of customers will repeat purchases if you understand their needs and wants. To be ready, you should:

  • Help customers before they ask for help.
  • If you see that a customer is having trouble, offer your service.
  • Check with customers if they are happy with what you did for them.

Know Your Stuff

Customers want you to give them valuable and good information when they have questions or doubts about what you sell or do. 7 out of 10 People like and buy from companies that can explain what they sell and how it helps them.

 To know your stuff, you should:

  • Teach your customer service people about your products and services.
  • Keep your customer service people updated on changes and new things in your products and services.

Solve Problems Fast and Well

Customers want you to fix their problems or complaints quickly and satisfactorily. 86% of customers say they will buy more from a company that sets their issues fast and well. To solve problems fast and well, you should:

  • Find a way to improve the customer’s situation, not just say sorry for the trouble.
  • Give the customer more than one way to fix their problem.
  • Do more than what the customer expects to resolve the issue.

Care About How Customers Feel

Customers appreciate it when you can empathize with their feelings. 70% of customers will buy more if you care about their feelings. 

To show that you care, you should:

  • Imagine you are the customer and how you would feel.
  • Say that you know how the customer feels.
  • Say words that make the customer feel better and supported.

Treat All Customers Fairly and Equally

Be friendly and fair to everyone. It doesn’t matter who they are or why they talk to you. Customers want that. 78% of customers say they will buy more from a company that treats all customers fairly and equally. To treat all customers fairly and equally, you should:

  • Have precise exact rules and steps for customer service.
  • Teach your customer service workers these rules and actions.
  • Follow these rules and activities all the time.

Tell Customers What is Happening

Tell customers what you do when they talk to you. Let them know what you can and cannot do for them. Customers like that. 80% of customers say they will buy more from a company that tells them what is happening. To speak to customers about what is happening, you should:

  • Tell the customer how you are fixing their problem.
  • Tell the customer what will happen next.
  • Be honest with the customer about what you can and cannot do.

Thank Customers For Their Business

Customers want to feel that you are happy and thankful that they chose your business over others. 84% of customers say they will buy more from a company that thanks them for their business. To thank customers for their business, you should:

  • Say, thank you to the customer for their business.
  • Say that you are happy to hear their feedback.
  • Check with the customer later if they are pleased with how you fixed their problem.

By following these 10 tips, you can give excellent customer service to make your customers happy and loyal. 

Remember, customer service is not just a part of your business; it is how you think. It is how you treat your customers every day, in every talk, that matters. 

So, make customer service your main thing and watch your business grow!


What Are The 3 Most Important Things in Customer Service?

Customer service is essential. You need to do these 3 things:

  1. Professionalism: Say please and thank you. Do not be rude to customers, even if they are angry. Know your product or service well. Answer customers’ questions clearly and shortly.
  2. Patience: Some customers are hard to talk to. They may be mad, sad, or mean. Be calm with these customers and try to see their side.
  3. Care about people: Think about what the customer needs and wants. Try to help them solve their problem. Do more than they expect you to do.

What Is a Good Example of Excellent Customer Service?

Excellent customer service is when a business shows that they value and respect the customer by doing more than what is expected to help them. 

Here are some specific examples of excellent customer service:

  1. The customer has a problem with something they bought. They call the company and talk to someone friendly and helpful. They fix the problem fast. 
  2. A customer buys something online, but it is broken when it arrives. They tell the business, and they get a new one right away. 
  3. A customer eats at a restaurant and does not like it. The boss talks to them and says sorry for the lousy service. They also give them something free or cheaper for next time.

How Do You Give 5-Star Customer Service?

Customer happiness is essential for the success of any business. Happy customers are more likely to repeat purchases, recommend your company to others, and provide positive reviews.

  • Give your customer service team more information to fix problems quickly and not make customers repeat the same thing. 
  • Use things like TextExpander to write lovely and same messages in different places. 
  • Learn how to provide excellent customer service that will impress your customers, such as empathy, patience, communication, positivity, and adaptability.
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